At our clinic we provide complete outpatient pediatric care from birth till 18 years of age
• General Pediatrics
• Well Child Check Ups
• Preventive Medicine
• Immunizations
• Parenting Counseling
• Laboratory Services
• Healthy Child Check Ups
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Preventive care is a critical component of your child’s total health care. Healthy-child check ups help to evaluate and monitor your child’s growth and development. These check-ups are scheduled to allow the pediatrician additional time to evaluate and discuss your child’s health issues These sessions provide additional opportunity for you to get your concerns and questions answered.

Healthy child visits are carried out even when your child is healthy. They are conducted to ensure your child is growing and developing normally. Certain problems can be identified early which can be handled better if detected early.

• Newborn
• 2 week old
• 2 month old
• 4 month old
• 6 month old
• 9 month old
• 12 month old
• 15 month old
• 18 month old
• 24 month old
• 3 years old
• 4 years old
• 5 years old
• 6 years old
• 8 years old
• 10 years old
• 12 years old
Following is the recommended schedule for well child check ups
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