Neha has over 3 years of experience in the field of Nutrition. She has been trained at a well-known hospital Delhi. She is a Certified Lactation Specialist and an Infant and Young Child Feeding expert. 

She is an experienced professional who conducts workshops to help mothers with issues relating to lactation such as:
Few Words About Our Parenting Counselor
• Initiation of breastfeeding

• Helping mothers in proper attachment and positioning.

• How they can increase their breastmilk supply

• Helping mothers with breast engorgement, abscesses, sore nipples, breast size, small/ large 
   nipples with feeding difficulties, full breast, mastitis etc.

• What is so good about breastfeeding, benefits of exclusive breastfeeding.

• Dangers of pre-lacteal feeding, artificial feeding.

• Helping mothers to learn expression, storage and katori feeding the breast milk.

• Helping the mother to start breastfeeding again if she has stopped breastfeeding

• Helping mothers to continue and sustain Breastfeeding till 2 years
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She helps and guides mothers with complimentary feeding issues like.

• When to start complimentary feeding

• What to give babies in weaning diet.

• How much is needed by the baby for proper growth
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