Dr. Gulati's clinic has introduced a well child checkup service named Balnirog which is  dedicated to ensure that your child's development is on the right track.

This service is introduced along with IAPs IPAN project and is based on established standard care guidelines of Indian Academy of Pediatrics and modelled on programs like Bright Futures of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
• Complete physical examination
• Developmental milestones
• Behavioural and Sensory screening
• Oral health
• Nutrition advice
• Emotional well being
• Safety

You will also be provided with Anticipatory guidance for child and breastfeeding guidance for mothers
Balnirog Wellness Checks (Well Child Visits)
Every child deserves complete wellness care. Urban young parents do not have the support structure of joint family and depend on Google or the Pediatrician.

They only visit the pediatrician when the child is sick or immunization is due but regular visits are just as important when your child is healthy.

Children today are being diagnosed with

• Autism
• Learning disabilities
• Obesity
• Physical retardation
• Speech disorders
• Hereditary conditions linked with kidney and heart, diabetes

All these problems are irreversible if detected at a later stage but early screening can significantly improve the chances of complete cure.
Balnirog Wellness Checks Include
How Balnirog Service Is Delivered
• The Balnirog wellness checks will be done by trained female professionals
• State-of-the-art hi-tech equippemt will be used to measure the vital stats
• The service can be availed in the clinic as well as in the comfort of your home
Prior appointment is necessary to avail Balnirog service
• The service duration will be 30-45 minutes
• All of your queries related to your child health will be answered
• A telephonic follow up will be done after 2 days
Frequency of Balnirog Checkups
• Newborn (2 or 3 days after bringing the baby home (or 2 to 4 days old for babies discharged
   from the hospital
• 2 week old
• 2 month old
• 4 month old
• 6 month old
• 9 month old
• 12 month old
• 15 month old
• 18 month old
• 24 month old
• 3 years old
• 4 years old
• 5 years old
• 6 years old
• 8 years old
• 10 years old
• 12 years old
Enrollment For The Service & Fees
• You can enroll for this service at the clinic
• You will be introduced to the Balnirog wellness executive who will provide this service
• Charges for each visit will be Rs 1000/-
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