Dr. Gulati's Clinic has introduced an innovative concept which enables patients with the ability to interact with the doctor live on video. Dr. Gulati's Clinic provides Video Consultation facility (on request) i.e. Online face to face consultation with the doctor from anywhere across the globe.

Video consultation eliminates the need to wait for you turn in the clinic and also saves travelling time. 

Requirements for Video-Consultation

Computer / Laptop/Smart phone with high speed Internet Connection
Good Quality webcam
Microphone & Speaker
Process of Video Consultation includes following

Step 1 - Submit your request
Submit your request at mail@drakgulati.com for Video Consultation. Please mention the preferred date and time of consultation. Also provide your phone number

Step 2 - Confirmation of your request 
You will receive a confirmaton of your appointment through email. You will also receive the details on how to make the payment along with the details on how to initate a video call.

Step 3 - Video Consultation
Video-Consultation will take place on mutually convenient date and time.

Step 4 - Summary of Video Consultation will be sent
Summary of the Video-Consultation i.e. recommendations / advice of the doctor will be sent to you for your future reference.

Terms & Conditions

1. Video consultations are not meant for emergency purposes
2. Video consultation will only take place once the payment is confirmed
3. During a video consultation if doctor feels the need of a face-to-face consultation then in that
    case no exrta amount will be charged for clinic visit
Video Consultation
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